24K Gold & Collagen Crystal Forehead Mask
24K Gold & Collagen Crystal Forehead Mask
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24K Gold & Collagen Crystal Forehead Mask

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You asked for it and we listened! After the success of our best selling 24k Gold and Collagen Crystal Eye Mask, you asked for the same iconic formula but for other areas of your face, and so the 24k Gold Forehead Mask was born. My combination of Collagen Crystal, 24k Gold, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin A, create the perfect formula to help tighten, hydrate and smooth the skin on your forehead. Frown lines be gone! 5 masks included.


The 24K nano gold in the masks aid in smoothing wrinkles and has been connected with anti-ageing remedies. The combination of plant based collagen and the nano gold works to create a youthful glow.


Hyaluronic Acid can assist in reducing wrinkles, in addition to defying the signs of ageing. When tested, this ingredient has assisted in smoothing wrinkles and lines, leaving the skin firm.


Vitamin A has been said to repair ageing skin, and fight the signs of ageing. A combination of the Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin A could allow for fast absorption and visible results in under 30 minutes.


Grape Seed extract is known to be highly moisturising and reduce wrinkles. Additionally, Grape Seed Extract assists in the absorption of the active ingredients in the eye mask into the skin.